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Integration of heat treatment into machine-tools by using advanced grinding technology


The manufacturing of steel hardened parts with high
precision and life long performance for investment and
capital good products represents an important key sector
of the European industry. Conventional manufacturing
steps for these kind of parts consist of premachining,
heat treatment and precision machining on different
facilities and locations. This procedure causes in the
most cases inadequate logistic efforts, throughput time,
and high energy consumption. Thus the goal of this
project is to adapt advanced grinding technology to heat
treatment and surface finishing in a single step
operation. In the new process, named grind hardening, the
heat treatment of unhardened materials will be performed
by the dissipation of the grinding process energy.
Starting points for the RTD work are based on elaborated
theories, already performed basic experiments and
partners knowledge. Finally, the availability of an
integrated heat treatment technology based on surface
hardening by the grinding process itself is envisaged.
The main RTD working results will comprise the following
Concept and design of grind hardening machine tools.
Prototype machine tool demonstrators for small / large
scale parts.
Spectrum of suitable precision tools and coolant
Sensor/data processing for on line/in situ monitoring
and control.
Software package for simulation of heat dissipation in
Neural network based methods for determination and
correlation of machining and heat treatment parameters.
Software packages for prediction of grind hardening
process behaviours.
The consortium consist of SME machine tool manufacturers,
precision tool and coolant suppliers. A strong-end user
influence is provided by partners from the automotive
supplier, transmission and hydraulic industries. Research
and management tasks are supported by two experienced and
well equipped institutes.
It is anticipated, that after successful completion of
the project the fabrication costs for steel hardened
parts will be significantly reduced and the use of new
machine tools, precision tools, sensors and machining
fluids will be increased. This in turn will lead to a
deep economic impact in the manufacturing and material
technologies of the European Union and greater
competitiveness for a wide range of European industries.

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