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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Novel integrated high speed fibre production


Chemical industry and engineering companies have a strong
need for proccss innovations aiming at cost reduction and
new product development. Cheap products from outside the
EU menace employment in several business areas. The sales
for textured fibre production alone in the EU is about 1
000 million ECU per year, not including sales for
machines and final textile products. The target of this
project is a sophisticated new integrated process for a
textured, bulky chemical fibre yarn type that will not
only reduce manufacturing costs but generate a decisive
lead in innovative processing know how and new products.

State of the art are two processes, i.e. melt spinning
and in a separate step conventional filament texturing to
generate the yarn volume. The integration of both
production steps gives a leap forward with respect to
economy and potential applications. The technological
progress will be a substantial advantage for the European
industry with regard to its global competitors.

The characteristics of the new integrated process and its
products are as follows
a cheap bicomponent melt spinning unit combined with
a high speed texturing unit based on the new latent
crimp bicomponent yarn
application of Polyester (PET) and new polymer types,
e.g. PTT or PBT
production speeds higher than 2000 m/min, preferably up
to 4000 m/min (i.e. 2,2 to 4,4 times higher than
conventional texturing speeds)
a new interesting yarn characteristic with a crimp
level > 10 %
new products with application in technical end uses
(e.g. transportation, automotive, etc.) and textile

In this project Barmag, Ems Inventa and FEG, i.e. the
engineering and machine manufacturing companies, go ahead
in order to provide components for the new integrated
process. The man made fiber producing companies Akzo
Nobel and Montefibre will evaluate the performance of
the process components composed into the new integrated
process. Processing of the newly developed yarns will be
done at weaving and knitting mills of Fitor and

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