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Development and Performance Testing of CMC-Materials Based on C-Fibres for Application in UHTHE (B3)


This project is part of a project network with the aim to
develop and test in a service plant new compact and cost
effective Ultra High Temperature Heat Exchanger (UHTHE).

The improvement of thermal efficiency of high temperature
processes requires improved reliability and durability of
the applied materials.New electrical generation plants
based on the so called Externally-Fired-Combined-cycle, a
typical high temperature andcorrosive stream based
industrial process, offers the opportunity to increase
the relative thermal efficiency up to 25% by improved
high temperature combustion cycles. In this superior
combustion cycle, the key component is the Ultra High
Temperature Heat xchanger (UHTHE), based on CMC
materials. Therefore, C/SiC materials are one of the most
promising candidate materials.

The aim of the proposal is the development of a low cost
C/SiC material with a non catastrophic, pseudoplastic
failure behaviour an a suitable thermal shock resistance.
Furthermore, the material has to be oxidation resistant.
Therefore, a further topic of the project is the
development of compatible surface coatings for plates and

The lack of information on reliability and durability
requires a performance testing in respect to applications
in UHTHE. The performance testing of the materials
includes mechanical characterization at low and high
temperatures, burst tests of tubes, micromechanical
studies, NDT, thermal characterization, erosion and
corrosion tests as well as combined corrosion/erosion and
combustion tests.

The input of the parallel running projects and the
project management structure allow a good comparison of
the development and its competitiveness to monolithic
ceramics as well as high cost SiC/SiC materials.

The aim of the development of low cost C/SiC materials
will be solved by using low cost preforms (felts,
reinforced felts) and/or by low cost processing
techniques like high speed filament winding, RTM methods
and silicon conversion treatments of the bulk
carbon/carbon to avoid costly organo Si precursors.

The material and the manufacturing techniques have to be
optimized in respect to the requirements for UHTHE.
Material optimization includes most suitable
reinforcement pattern, optimized degree of conversion and
compatible external coatings.

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