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Open Toolset for Mixed Simulation of Multidomain Systems


The increasing complexity of products and the necessity
to combine multi diciplinary engineering technologies,
lead to implement a new generation of software tools for
systems modeling design and simulation. Automotive
market, in which more and more electronic skill is
embedded with traditional mechanical expertise, is going
to become an applications area in relevance with the
development of this new design tools generation.
Actually, obvious and urgent needs are required:

to reduce on board mechatronic systems design phase
to guarantee the reliability of results issued from the
design phase.
It becomes so a prime necessity to improve
communication between:
specifications levels and technical steps in design,
development and test
different multi disciplinary engineering teams
,external suppliers and assembly units.

The efficiency of such a relationship has to be based on
the development of a common and global conceptual
approach relying on compatible software tools. Unlike
digital systems (there are available and efficient
simulation tools on the market) there is not so far,
mixed simulators enabling to perform and to combine
electronical, mechanical and hydraulical functions.
Due to the demand, the foreseen growth in mechatronics
and the necessity of designing more and more complex
systems mixing different engineering technologies, it
appeared very critical to focus resources on this matter.

Furthermore, VHDL 1076 1 language ,besides its skill in
processing analogue and digital phenomena, leads to
hopeful developments concerning mixed simulation
activities. Obviously, a lot of deficiencies are
remaining in this area; there is for example a lack of
integration toolsets when it is necessary to proceed in
real experimentation's or to obtain an efficient
coordination between the data exchanges. The project
gathers three (automotive) end users, three software
houses (specialized in specific domains) and one
institute. Its aim is:

to couple on common software toolsets, complex systems
to validate with demonstrators relying on targeted
applications the functionality's of the chosen framework
in terms of communication and simulation.
The upcoming international standard VHDL 1076 1 will be
used for its ability
to be supported by open simulation tools (dedicated to
different engineering technologies)
to offer a rapid way of describing the working of
analogue and digital systems relying on physical and
behavioral models.

After a quick exchange of existing models between the
disciplines (electronics, mechanics, hydraulics), each
partner will adapt its own usual tool to the VHDL A
language in order to transmit and receive models which
fit to its specific domain simulation. Demonstrators are
proposed for test and validation of new methods and tools
which will be necessarily developed by laboratories and
software houses. When the new methodologies and the
software improvements issued from the project have
demonstrated their synthesis abilities and their
friendliness, a large dissemination (besides commercial
aspects) will be engaged towards other actors, also
involved in complex systems design.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


GIE PSA Peugeot Citro¥n
18,Rue Des Fauvelles 18
92250 La Garenne Colombes

Participants (6)

Anacad Electrical Engineering Software
11 A,chemin De La Dhuy
38246 Meylan
Avenue Du Colonel Roche,7
31077 Toulouse
Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas de Guipuzcoa
15,Paseo De Manuel De Lardizabal
20009 San Sebastian
Imagine Investissements S.A.
5,Rue Brison
42300 Roanne
Robert Bosch GmbH

70049 Stuttgart
9,Dept.6000, Pvh31
405 08 Goeteborg