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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Development and testing of zeolite membranes for gas separations


Membranes offer distinct advantages over existing
separation technologies, i.e. the prospect of having
lower capital and operating costs and using significantly
less energy. In addition, their simple design enables
straightforward expansion of capacity. In particular,
micro or mesoporous ceramic membranes offer the
potential to overcome the limitations of polymeric
membrane systems in terms of thermal and mechanical
stability, chemical/physical degradation, operation at
high temperatures, etc. In this respect, the aim of the
present project is to develop a novel method of zeolite
membrane fabrication and exploit some of the inherent and
unique advantages of this membrane. In brief, the
following technical objectives are pursued:
1) Development of silicalite/ZSM5 zeolite membranes
Separations of interest::
p xylenes /o and m xylenes
high temperature hydrogen removal
linear paraffins / branched paraffins

2) Development of A and X zeolite membranes Separations
of interest:

N2/O2 (5A), O2/N2 (4A)
high temperature hydrogen removal (3A, 5A)
N2/CH4 (4A), H2S/natural gas (5A)
CO2/CH4 (4A),SO2 NOx/flue gas (5A)

3) Optimisation of above zeolite membranes to enhance gas
4) Effective dispersion of Cu(I) and/or Ag(l) cations on
zeolite membranes Separations of interest:
olefins (CxH2x)/ paraffins (CxH2x+2) x=2,3,etc.
CO removal

The above synthetic developments will be complemented by
an experimental programme of permeability testing and
theoretical evaluation. Most importantly though, the
rationalization of the industrial performance of the
developed membranes will be established through
flowsheeting and techno economic studies to be undertaken
by the participating (and sponsoring) membrane
manufacturers and process engineering company. In
addition, the end users (large industry for natural gas
production and processing and gas filter producing SME)
will assess the membrane separation capabilities in
industrial scale and take appropriate dissemination and
exploitation actions.

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