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Cognitive management for anthropocentric production systems


All deliverables mentioned here above have been provided, except the in-depth planned benchmarking. The COMAPS algorithm and software have been tuned and tested on the three end-users sites. The industrial partners have emphasized the user mode within their respective process : this especially means that the COMAPS tool has been integrated to the global information system of the company, and that it may be used both as an external memory and a support for guiding novices in controlling the process (check-as-you decide principle). The project actual outcome has to be considered as three prototypes (one for each end-users site) customized from a common kernel, but not as a directly re-usable product (in terms of technical or commercial points of view).
COMAPS Project (Cognitive Management for Anthropocentric Production Systems) is dedicated to the reinforcement of expert operators at their predominant role in production control. Based upon a new algorithm allowing continuous on-line expertise extraction, the project aims at the development of a software tool that could be used as a complementary of usual Total Quality production control tools: the latter will keep on indicating physical process state in reference to normal physical rules, while COMAPS too will show at the same time the main production control rules used by the expert operator. These continuously updated expert rules, when used as an information feedback, will be used to make more efficient training sessions for novice operators. COMAPS project will make the method tuned and validated thanks to three industrial pilot sites benchmarking.

The three industrial application fields have been chosen different enough to be representative of most European industries:
- electronics industries (Printed Circuit Board production);
- foil production;
- automotive accessories production.

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