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Computer integrated road construction


The CIRC (Computer Integrated Road Construction) project aims to develop precision systems for the real-time control of the positioning of road construction equipment. These systems, to be integrated into road construction machines like compactors or pavers, will rely on a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model established during the design phase and on-site measurements acquired in real-time during the construction work. Industrial CIRC products will provide computer-integrated solutions for operator support, machine control and quality assessment follow-up.

The project relies on two major technological innovations. The first one, for positioning , is the integration of novel complete and optimised positioning solutions based on GPS, laser resection and dead-reckoning. The other one is the real-time use of an accurate 3D CAD model on the machines as a reference base for the operations.
The first target machine of the CIRC developments is the compactor. The use of the real-time position of the compactor along the work site allows the operator to keep complete control over the quality of his work. Until now this was impossible sine only approximate visual positioning was available and since there was no trace at all of the work already completed.

In the execution of their work, the pavers will also run with greater precision due to the use of state-of-the-art laser or GPS
technologies. An accurate and reliable control of the position of the tool will allow it to spread the optimal thickness of layers and to respect with an improved tolerance the contractual demand in terms of both altimetry and evenness of the pavement. The traditional physical references such as wooden stakes, string-lines or laser planes will thus become unnecessary, reducing subsequently the amount of work for their laying out and maintenance.

For every kind of work the CIRC systems will be applied to, they will provide the contractor with a new information tool for the following up and the recording of the as-built at the day scale, dedicated to the geometrical parameters.

Due to the implementation of better resource management, CIRC systems will generate about a 5% gain on the budgets linked to compacting and paving. These savings permit a rapid return on investment. For example, the CIRC system for pavers, CIRPAV, could be amortised over a 20 km highway site, taking into consideration only the material savings produced.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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