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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Large components of silicon nitride ceramics for rolling operationsin the steel working industry


The increasing needs for product quality and versatility as well as productivity in the production of hot/cold rolled steel wire and steel sheet cannot be met anymore by conventional techniques. New technology involving use of high performance silicon nitride ceramic rolls appears to have a huge potential for improvement in many areas:
product quality and versatility,
rolling process stability,
reduction of maintenance periods/costs
increased productivity.

Not less important are the expected benefits to the environment less need for lubricants and contirbution to worker safety. Significant benefits also include opening of a new market for the producers and suppliers.

The main objective is to develop manufacturing technology for selected large silicon nitride ceramic rolls for cold as well as hot forming of steel wire and sheet and verify the production technique by producing prototypes for evaluation at the selected user production facilities.
Concurrent engineering approach will be used to manufacture & evaluate prototype rolls based on baseline, state of the art materials simultaneously with starting to develop low cost, ready to shape powder formulations. The major deliverable at the end of the project will be a set of different ceramic rolls with a know how how to manufacture them at a low cost and how to use them for three different applications in steel rolling mills. The production technology for the rolls will be applicable to other similar products, chiefly within non ferrous metal mills but also for printing machines, packaging machines etc.

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