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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Hard coatings with lubricant dispersion


The present proposal aims at development of a new dual stage deposition process based on Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Plasma Assisted CVD (PACVD) techniques in order to produce hard coatings with a lubricant dispersion phase. The process is based on a two stage deposition equipment where the first stage produces clusters or nanoparticles of MoS2 by a gas phase reaction. The second stage produces a hard coating (TiN) by CVD or PACVD. The clusters produced by the first stage are injected in the CVD or PACVD chamber and are transported by thermophoresis (CVD case) and electrical field (PACVD). The nanoparticles deposit on the surface where the TiN film grows and get embedded in the film. The result is a hard coating with embedded nanoparticles impossible tO obtain by conventional deposition techniques.
The two stage reactor is necessary because the conditions at which the nanoparticles are produced (high temperature, supersaturated gas flow) are very different from those necessary for producing the TiN film (low temperature, diluted gas phase). The economical interest of the process is that the TiN phase, which can be used in mechanical applications will have a lifetime strongly increased because of the presence of the lubricating phase. The TiN composite film can thus be used without lubricating additives which would otherwise be necessary. Experiments will be made on TiN but many other composition of coatings can be considered. The potential applications of these coatings are the following:
dry forming or machining of metals
mechanical applications where the wear of the parts necessitates lubrication
Coatings against fretting, fretting corrosion...

By this new process, it will be possible to produce self lubricating coatings which will reduce or suppress the need of lubrication fluids. The potential environmental impacts of the present proposal are expected to be very important.
Other applications of this concept can be imagined in the electrical field (mixture of conductive and insulating phases, magnetic and non magnetic phases...) in thermal protection (mixtures of insulating and conductive materials with complementary properties...) optical or decorative, etc...


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