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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Emission Control for NZEV HD CNG Engines


The air quality in crowded and congested areas does represent a serious problem as the improvements versus the quality targets appear critical, for European cities in 2010, without a technological jump. The attention of EC versus this problem is very high as well as the normative activity and the push on the Industry.
An important role on the air quality is played by the transportation system; HD city vehicles, as urban buses and utility vehicles, are part of this scenario and could be one of the most effective point in the global improvement activity.
It appears consequently very important to assure for these vehicles very low emissions level with the ability to meet the severe requirements for a true industrial exploitation. The use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as HD city vehicles fuel is considered an attractive way for the potential in emission reduction (particulate free combustion and low reactivity HC); the fuel consumption of today CNG engines is anyway rather high and the specific components for gas management not at the level intended for an industrial HD

The aim of the proposed project is to develop an HD CNG engine with very low emissions for NZEV vehicles with improved fuel consumption and components development for a true industrial exploitation. The targets are:
more than 70% reduction of emissions versus EURO 2 diesel engines under steady state operation.
-fuel consumption reduction of 5%

The basics for the development activities are:
incorporation on the CNG engine of a suitable Exhaust Gas
Recirculation (EGR) taking into account the effect of an EGR cooler
development of dedicated aftertreatment system for an exhaust gas stream resulting from the Natural Gas combustion

At the end of the project, the potential in emission reduction, with limited fuel consumption penalty, will be established and the informations will have also prenormative value for the European Commission activity in delivering future emission standards. The results of the project will be transferred to the Brite project IGIS, a parallel proJect of the same cluster (see the Preamble).

The Consortium comprises three companies representing two major European HD city vehicles manufacturers, very interested in the field, and two manufacturer of key components, as electronic control systems and aftertreatment; this fact will assure the activity development focused also for industrial exploitation. In addition, one company (SME) active in reliability analysis and a University, involved in internal combustion engine modelling, are included in order to assist the activity with very specialised contribution.

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