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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Digital mock-up visualisation in product conception and downstream processes


Current industrial practice in automotive. aerospace and other manufacturing industries involves the creation of physical product models (physical mock ups) as a help to designers, manufacturing planners etc.. The objective of the(se) project(s) is to depart from this practice and develop the technology that allows designers. manufacturing planners and even the management to work on Virtual Products/Digital Mock Up's (DMU). They can make decisions related to the concept, design and all downstream processes. This technology will allow companies to work in a concurrent engineering environment independent of their size and product configuration. To achieve this goal a cluster of projects including modelling, simulation.
visualisation. etc. is proposed.

Advanced visualisation technology (virtual reality, 3D representation image parallel processing) is now available on the market but is not used along the business process of industrial companies. Today some barriers keep this technology to reach a broad industrial

Only the advanced visualisation technology will allow to visualise the virtual product in a near to reality mode and in this way setup DMU as a communication and decision plateform.

The objectives of the DMU VI project is to develop the technology which allows to visualise the virtual product and interact with it. allowing then to perform different simulations:
to validate the product and its processes and share this information with partners and sub contractors at working level.
to take the best decisions and options at management level
(programme reviews),
to understand and "learn'' the complex industrial product at training level,
to show and adapt the virtual product to end user needs at client level.

The benefits of this technology will include substantial reduction of development time (at least 10% and manufacturing cost, dramatical increase of product launch quality such as reduction of Physical Mock up's. lt is expected that the visualisation technology will benefit not only automotive and aerospace industry but other industrial manufacturing sectors such as house appliances, machine building industry. ship building etc..

The project consortium includes 3 end users (Aerospatiale. CASA, BMW), technology vendors (Dassault SystŠmes. Clarus. IBM) and 3 research institutes/universities (Fraunhofer IGD, INESC, Laboratoire 3S) and guarantees the successful performance of the project.

This project will demand a total effort of 484 man months and a total buget of 6.87 Mecu. A contribution of 52.8 % is asked to the European Union.

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