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Overall interior noise design tool for road vehicles


The proposed project has developed an engineering procedure based on the FEM-FSI to support the acoustic design of new vehicles from the very first phases of project development, addressing the main acoustic sources, i.e. engine, road and aerodynamics, as well as structure-borne and airborne transmission paths. In the context of this project, the term engineering procedure is meant as an easy-to-use, integrated set of robust software tools and designer-oriented modelling criteria, mainly for the first design phases. The project also provides a wide set of demonstration steps aimed at verifying the capability of the end-users to effectively predict the low-frequency overall noise. The object of the demonstration is also the identification of the most important design parameters affecting the overall noise in the low frequency range and the definition of acoustic targets for each acoustic source in order to have a pre-defined overall noise target (target deployment). According to the subsystem target assigned to the vehicle, the methodologies developed in the project provide the tools for checking the status of the virtual prototype and the strategies for achieving the targets when not met. The main results are: - Method to simulate the acoustic materials within the FEM environment (and preserving the modal approach); - Method to simulate the body trimmings; - Method to simulate the acoustic cavity; - A procedure to calculate the structure borne Engine noise; - A software to extend the FEM methods to the free field radiation; - A simulation procedure to calculate the internal noise due to airborne path; - A method to model within the FEM environment the suspension system; - A procedure to calculate the internal noise due to the tyre-road interaction; - A software to interface CFD data with an FE Model; - A method to simulate the aerodynamic input acting on the body; - A Noise Design Tool to help the analyst to set-up the models for the simulation.