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Content archived on 2024-06-11

A novel method for the synthesis of Microsize Permanent Magnets


Objectives and content
The ever-accelerating progress in miniaturisation of
electronic and magnetic systems and the raised demands
for quality and reliability of such systems require
innovative production technologies, such as
electrochemical deposition techniques.
The industrial objectives are:
the development of low cost electrochemical deposition
(ECD) processes for the production of microstructure
permanent magnetic devices
the decrease of the size of permanent magnets which
cannot be achieved by common production techniques
(sintering, casting).
The technical objectives are:
development of the new process based on
electrodeposition to obtain permanent magnets of CoWPt
type, optimisation of the plating process and improvement
of magnetic properties of the deposits;
demonstration of the feasibility of the synthesis of
small size permanent magnets with special magnetic
properties (e.g. longitudinal or perpendicular
anisotropy) in Microsystems, which can have a complex
shape and a high aspect ratio, not achievable by vacuum
acquisition of a full understanding of the
potentialities of electrodeposition for the synthesis of
layered permanent magnets of increased reproducibility
and thermal stability, and development of methods to
increase the magnetic moment and maintaining the magnet
development of model magnetic systems, with design of
the magnetic circuit, to show their potentiality for
technical application.
As electrochemistry is a field of science in between
chemistry, physics and electrical engineering, decisive
progress in this area can only be realised by
interdisciplinary collaboration between scientific
experts in the field of chemistry, physics and
engineering. The successful development of new materials
- especially advanced magnetic materials - by
electrochemical processes requires the combination of
expertise in electrochemistry, magnetism and material
technology. In this respect, the present consortium is
highly qualified and well balanced and provides optimal
starting conditions for a successful competition of the
project objectives.
The major benefit of the project will be that European
companies - especially SMEs - will have the opportunity
to participate in the ever-expanding world market of
magnetic devices, at present dominated by Far East
companies and US.

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