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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Zero emission downsized improved safety urban vehicle


Objectives and content
The final industrial objective of the present research is
the definition of a concept of a Zero Emission Downsized
Electric Vehicle meeting the requirements for a safe and
effective individual mobility for a large range of
utilisation sectors and users.
The vehicle approach is based on a three wheeler
structure with tilting anterior body (see enclosed
sketch). The aim is to make available a safe,
comfortable, energy efficient individual mean of
transportation, featuring agile driving and manoeuvring
ability, easy parking capability due to the limited
dimensions and flexible energy refilling procedure.
It is intended that the vehicle concept will be
characterised by safety features and occupant protection
equivalent to a small city car and will be traffic and
environment friendly.
The specific objective of the present research project is
to study, develop, and prototype a concept of ultra-light
and safe body of the vehicle with anterior tilting system
for better manoeuvrability. Such a body will be
integrated with electric traction module acting on the
two rear wheels that will be made available by the main
To meet the requirements set, the vehicle architecture
will be defined taking into account the most advanced
technologies developed for low weight vehicles.
Alternative concepts and technologies will be compared in
terms of performance, making extensive use of computer
simulations and virtual prototyping, as well as in terms
of industrial viability (sustainable costs, availability)
and recycling.
Such a vehicle will offer a new and complementary
solution for the current urban mobility product offer, in
view of creating a rational and environmentally friendly
transport system, which is a major issue for the present
and future social life.
The timescale for product and process development for the
mass production is estimated in terms of 2-3 years after
the completion of the RTD programme.
It is considered that during this time the vehicle will
be object of demonstration programmes to extensively
validate the concept and to identify the market areas.

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