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Inverse modelling for determining non-linear constitutive relations


Objectives and content
Modern product development involves studies of the
manufacturing process and product functionality in an
early stage of the product development process. The
simulations are needed in order to avoid many costly and
time-consuming experimental studies of different product
concepts. The ability to efficiently obtain the relevant
material parameters in an analysis of an industrial
process is of vital importance for the industrial use of
these methods.
The objective of the present project is to use non-linear
finite element methods, optimisation methods and
experiments to study the constitutive relations of
materials involved in specific industrial product
development processes. In order to be able to evaluate
experiments which does not necessarily represent a
material point, the concept of inverse modelling will be
used. The essence of the inverse modelling technique is
that the evaluated experiments do not need to be
homogenous with respect to the stress and strain
distribution in the sample, which creates the possibility
to make the experiments less complicated and less
The industrial processes that are the targets for this
research project are primarily cold pressings of metal
powder and thermo-mechanical loading of superalloys. The
project includes work with material models, structural
analysis methods, optimisation methods, and inverse
modelling of non-linear structural problems and
evaluation of relevant experiments.
The main innovations expected in the project can be
summarised as:
An inverse modelling system for determining
constitutive relations of metal powder and superalloys
A method for exploring material responses that so far
have not been possible to monitor
Further advancements in the field of simulation
techniques with respect to specific industrial
The project consortium consists of expertise in
computational mechanics, material science, experimental
mechanics as well as related industrial applications.

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