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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Open Design Environment of Controlled Mechatronic Systems


To comply with customers needs and environmental constraints (comfort, security, gas emission, fuel consumption...) mechatronic systems are becoming mandatory in automotive design (semi-active suspension, ABS, engine control...). Furthermore, development engineers are asked to reduce prototyping phase costs (50 % targeted) and mechatronic systems development time (25 % targeted). To meet these goals, they need reliable and available mechatronic models, to check at the early stage of the controi system design their functionai testing up to real-time simulation. As a consequence, the specific objectives of the ODECOMS project are: . To interface different models (mechanical, hydraulics and control) involved in mechatronic systems design, with the emerging international standard language for model description: VHDL-AMS.
To develop and validate modelling and simplification methodologies with hierarchical complexity, suitable for control system design, real-time testing and reliability analysis.
To set up validated re-usable models, with a specific emphasis on model capitalization issues, to be shared by both equipment suppliers and car manufacturers. To achieve these objectives a two fold approach will be carried out:
On the one hand, model simplification methodologies in mechanical and hydraulics domains will be developed and validated.
On the other hand, an open software tool will be developed to integrate these models for control design and real-time simulation. A common industrial demonstrator (a new ABS with more safety features) will allow the proposed approach and the associated software tool validation, enabling though models exchanges between the ODECOMS partners (software houses, equipment suppliers, car manufacturers).

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