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Development of a Micro-Machined Mass Spectrometer (MMS)


Mass Spectrometry is a widely used teehnique for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of gases and vapours. It is a particularly attractive technique for many applications because it provides fast on-line information derived from the measurement of fundamental properties (i.e. atomie and molecular mass). Applieations for mass spectrometers are growing rapidly, particularly in high technology manufacturing (microelectronies industry), chemical analysis and environmental monitoring. Unfortunately, mass spectrometers are usually weighty and bulky and cannot therefore be used for certain important requirements. The objective of the MMS project is to conceive a miniaturise mass spectrometer, calculate its physieal properties through the use of software simulation teehniques and apply recent advances in miero-maehining technology, to design and develop a Micro-machined Mass Spectrometer ('mass spectrometer on a chip'). The development of a small geometry mass spectrometer deviee should make the technology more compatible with many industrial applications because such a device would:
- Be easier to integrate into a production tool (as an in-situ process monitor)
- Function at higher pressures than existing mass spectrometers which require high vacuum (the ability to operate at higher pressures will eliminate the need for bulky and costly high vaeuum pumps) Should the project consortium succeed in conceiving, designing and fabricating a working MMS device then this device will be characterised and optimised to enhance important performance parameters.


Leda-Mass Limited
.,Cowley Way
CW1 6AG Crewe
United Kingdom

Participants (3)

Alcatel CIT S.A.
98,Avenue De Brogny
74009 Annecy
17,Rue Des Martyrs 17
38054 Grenoble
Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg
42,Eisendorfer Strasse
21073 Hamburg