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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Reliability physics and electronics design for high operating temperatures


Objectives and content
Electronic components are normally specified up to a
maximum operating temperature of 125 C. The ability to
operate electronic systems at higher temperatures than
this offers major improvements and reduced cost in safety
critical systems operating in harsh environments, leading
to new and improved products offering greater
efficiencies and reduced levels of pollution. A
potential $17 billion market has been identified for high
temperature electronic components, offering major
opportunities to European industry.
There are many technical difficulties to be solved,
particularly in the reliability and design of high
temperature electronics, before these opportunities can
be significantly exploited. REDHOT addresses this issue.
By paying careful attention to the reliability physics of
component degradation at high temperatures and analysing
and modelling the resultant data, design and test systems
will be developed that will facilitate the implementation
of high temperature electronics in a wide range of major
European industries.
Overall, the programme will provide qualitative and
quantitative information on high temperature failure
mechanisms in electronic devices and systems, predictive
computer models of reliability in electronic components
at high temperatures, a set of high temperature
electronic design tools and defined testing
REDHOT brings together leading developers of high
temperature electronics from four European countries
covering wide industrial sectors, including automotive,
aerospace, petroleum, science and engineering, and
testing. The design tools developed in the programme
will be exploited both within and outside these sectors
to the benefits of European competitiveness in the world
market for high temperature electronics.

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