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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Navigational jet grouting


Objectives and content
Urban development is now requiring that a large number of
construction sites, e.g. for tunnels (railways, subways,
roads, sewers, etc..) access shafts, rehabilitation of
ancient structures, to be executed with restricted
headroom or within very limited working areas. Market
surveys show a growing demand for a clean and versatile
foundation technology compatible with small work areas
and without compromise on the quality of the final
An improved technique, Navigational Jet-grouting, is
proposed which allows the construction of foundations
with compact equipment, compatible with reduced working
areas and with the following characteristics:
uses only a compact equipment, more compatible with
underground working areas and yet capable to reach depths
greater than 50 meters,
efficient, predictable and reliable results,
real-time assessment of the position and quality of the
obtained foundation,
improvement over current working conditions.
To achieve the above, the project will start from the
existing jet-grouting process, and will use an innovative
design of the drill string to integrate down-the-hole
electronic instrumentation . It proposes an important
series of new and related aspects:
the development of predictive design rules for the jetgrouting process,
the optimisation of the jet-cutting process through an
optimisation of jetting nozzles and of jet
the development of a navigational drilling system
tailored to jet-grouting devices, and carried by a
compact drilling equipment,
the development of intelligent sensors to assess, in
real-time, the continuity of the foundation and its
The Consortium comprises two industrial end-users: a
consulting engineer, specialised in the fields of
geotechnique and foundation design and a contractor
specialised in jet-grouting and foundation works. It
also comprises of two manufacturers of electronic
equipment specialised in steering instrumentation and
vibration analysis. A Research Organisation and a
University will bring a new understanding on jet-cutting
mechanism, and on soil analysis and sensing devices.
Brite / Euram Areas covered by this project are: 1.1.7.M
-1.4.2.M - 1.1.1.M - 1.1.4.S.

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