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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Intelligent electro-pneumatic positioner


Report on process valves:
- PC-based test rig;
- Report on use of test rig;
- Report on selection of prototypes;
- Theoretical model for valve-positioner-actuator loop;
- Report on selection of sensors (r) leakage detection sensors;
- Software for internal/external leakage, friction, backlash;
- Leakage detection equipment;
- Prototype main positioner board /lab sensor board.
Technology of valves, actuators and positioners in the process industry hasn't significantly changed over the last decades. Now, very quickly, the situation is dramatically changing due to technological advances in the field of microprocessors, fluid mechanics and attrition science, pattern recognition and modelling, sensors and digital communication. Therefore, it seems to be possible to use digital positioners not only for valve control but for valve analysis as well. With the proper understanding of valve behaviour, enhancements of positioner technology and application of advanced sensor principles it should be possible for a combined system consisting of valve and positioner to achieve the following objectives:- valve maintenance only to take place when necessary and not on a scheduled basis, thereby reducing maintenance costs- valve maintenance to take place on the spot without removing the valve from the process installation, as opposed to checking it out in the workshop- valve failure to be detected in advance rather than after the fact on the damaged equipment. As a consequence, preventative maintenance can be performed and accidental disruption of the process with consequent emergency shutdown can be avoided.- valve packing leaking to be detected in advance thereby avoiding leaks of chemicals in the atmosphere. The proposed project provides great opportunities for new products being positioners and valves. In addition there is a significant impact on manufacturing technology targeting cost reduction as well as enhanced safety and improved environmental protection. BE97-5050

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