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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Inspection of large solder joints (LASOL)


Objectives and content:
The ÛLASOLÚ project comprises the development evaluation and appraisal of a novel automated inspection system specifically designed for large area solder joints, i. e. joints with a surface area greater than 2mm. Current inspection systems are usually optimized for very small joints (e.g. surface mount), based on grayscale imaging. These systems can check for the existence of a joint, but information on its condition or quality is inadequate. The LASOL system will utilize a non-destructive method based on the light sectional principle to optically inspect the joint surface in 3 dimensions. With this method, the LASOL team intends to achieve:
- Establishment of generic relations between geometric structures and quality functions, as fluid and gas tightness or mechanical strength;
- 100% testing of industrial production batches;
Definition of generic rules for process control using geometric measurement data;
- Set-up and validation of an industrial strength pre-competitive prototype for automated inspection of Large Solder Joints.

LASOL started in September 1998. In the first 18-month period the LASOL team intends to develop a preliminary measurement set-up to take a large number of samples of real product data. New or adapted filtering and fusion algorithms will be developed to pre-process these data. Geometric information thus generated will be evaluated statistically to establish relations between geometric surface features and quality functions. In the second 18-month period a prototype inspection system will be set-up using novel projection and camera technologies for data acquisition. Inspection software involving newly developed filtering, fusion and statistical evaluation software will be integrated into the LASOL inspection system. Generic rules and standards for LSJ inspection will be gained from operating experience with the LASOL inspection system. These data will serve to establish relations between geometric data and control parameters of the soldering process, which are needed to improve soldering quality. BE97-4689

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