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Content archived on 2024-06-12

High temperature shape memory alloys and actuators for industrial applications


Objectives and content Elements made from shape memory alloys have been used to perform the role of an actuator in many commercial applications such as valves, relays, safety and positioning devices. Shape memory has found its way in these applications either because it is the only way to solve the problem or it provides, among many advantages, a simpler and less costly alternative. The market for shape memory solutions to industrial applications is limited today, however, due to the unavailability of commercial shape memory alloys that can provide stable and reliable transformation and shape recovery characteristics in the temperature range 120-200 C. This is the temperature range demanded by high volume applications pertaining to the European industries, in particular automotive and electrotechnical industries. Recent findings have shown that this situation can be definitely remedied and the barrier overcome, provided the development of two alloys, Cu-Al-Ni and Ni-Ti-Hf, with the potential to satisfy the application requirements is completed. This alloy development is a major objective of this project. Further, to demonstrate the use and the market for such high temperature shape memory material, the project will develop systems incorporating the produced material and required by the partners in this project representing the automotive, electrotechnical and energy sectors of the industry respectively. Specifically, high temperature shape memory elements will be used in developing a head lamp levelling system for automobiles circuit breakers for the household and car battery disconnect systems and temperature limiting device for a vacuum tube solar collector. The marketing potential for these applications ranges from immediate to within 3 years of completion of this project. Each system will be tested by the respective industrial partner, to evaluate the performance of the newly developed high temperature shape memory alloys and the product development and cost benefits. It is to be emphasised that the present proposal was initiated at the instance of the end users of the project with diversified core business activities.

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