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High performance protection with sol-gel coatings on metals and enamels (SURFPROTECT)


Objectives and content:
The protection of metals like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys and enamelled metals against low and high temperature oxidation, against acidic and alkaline attack, against corrosive gases such as chlorine, ammonia etc. is an important technologic and economic task. Existing protective coatings do not fulfil all demands and compromises have to be accepted. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of sol-gel derived inorganic-organic nanocomposite systems (Nanomer coatings) and glass-like sol-gel coatings as corrosion protection with improved surface properties (colour, stain proof, transparency, wear resistance) at low and high temperatures on steel (stainless steel, mild steel) and aluminium-alloys and the improvement of the surface performance of enamels. The research partners INM and CSIC are engaged in the development of various new glass-like and inorganic-organic nanocomposite (Nanomer) coatings for many applications. Because of their tolerable properties, those materials are suitable to fulfil a wide range of requirements. As preliminary investigations have shown inorganic-organic nanocomposites provide a good corrosion protection on aluminium and aluminium-alloys combined with high scratch-resistance, transparency and reducing the surface area for corrosive attack.

Glass-like sol-gel coatings have already been investigated in the laboratory as corrosion protective coatings on stainless and mild steel by partners INM, CSIC and Mieleprotection against gaseous attack at 800ÐC and against attack of different foodstuff up to 350ÐC and household cleaners up to 250ÐC. The technical innovative aspects claimed in this proposal is the substitution of porcelain enamels and organic coatings on aluminium and steel by sol-gel coatings to provide a new generation of coatings for industrial users. The approach is based on the synthesis of the coating material by the sol-gel process providing an environmental sound technology by low production costs. The new developed coatings can be easily transferred to industrial synthesis and coating technologies (e. g. coil coating) and they can be adapted for different requirements due to their tailorable properties. So multifunctional coating systems can be produced. New applications and markets are opened with these multifunctional and environmental sound-coating systems. The results of the project will be used by ABB, Ferro, Miele and Hoogovens to improve their own products and to consolidate and increase the EC's companies and global market share. For the use of the results outside the partnership an active policy of licensing and technology transfer is planned. BE97-5111


Institut für Neue Materialien gem. GmbH
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Participants (5)

ABB Flexible Automation

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Antigua Carretera De Valencia Km 24.300
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FERRO France S.a.r.l.
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