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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Melamine Composites for Shielding


Objectives and content
Today an increasing number of applications need to be
proper shielded due to the presence of sensitive
electronic components. Faster signal speed will ask for
even better shielding. A good shielding will prevent
electromagnetic interference (EMI). Many types of
electronic circuits are susceptible to EMI and must be
shielded to ensure proper performance. Conversely,
emissions radiating from sources inside electronic
equipment may threaten circuits within the same or nearby
equipment. To protect the performance integrity of
electronic equipment, electromagnetic emissions from
commercial equipment must not exceed levels set by
authorities. Further standards set EMI levels to which
electronic equipment must itself be immune.
The intention is to develop MECOS, a new cost efficient
EMI-shielding technology for racks and enclosures of
electronic circuits and components using very long fibre
reinforced plastics based on melamine-formaldehyde resin.
The applications will be moulded using compression
moulding technology with an integrated conductive layer
(in-mould-layer technique) to achieve proper shielding
performance and mechanical performance relevant to
replace sheet metal or die casted metal.
The developed material will have:
A superior attenuation capability (>70 dB)
Ground connection features
Superior design flexibility including, technical
performance and aesthetic design
A minimum impact on the environment and recyclable.
The business is expected to:
Potential European market 8.000 ton
Value 50 MECU
Manufacturing at SME's
Value 50 MECU
Potential export outside EU
Value 50 MECU
Cost savings at European OEMs
Value 50 MECU
Total Value 200 MECU
The consortium consists of 2 large chemical companies and
1 large telecommunication company in 3 different
countries. The chemical companies are leading in
melamine chemistry and related materials. One of the
chemicals have very strong links to the compression
moulding industry and will make the moulding developments
together with SME's and access the contributions. Two
famous universities will also participate.

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