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Development of a new generation of low-voc, high performance Coatin gs based on chemical Crosslinks between binder and Wood


Although this project did not result in a paint product, Rhodia had developed low viscosity isocyanates and low temperature deblocking isocyanates. Janssen did lots of work on UV-absorbers to be grafted onto the wood or the binder. The institutes had the opportunity to host some postgraduates and to participate in European networks as Thematic Network on Polymers and present new knowledge on the degradation mechanisms of wood on COST E18 working group 1 and 2. Sigma could use the information generated in this project for future paint developments, based on high technology and good price - performance relation. Gaulhofer had the opportunity to look into future technologies and open the way for an up-stream information exchange to supplier (Sigma) and their suppliers (Janssen and Rhodia). Outdoor weathering tests showed an increased colour stability of the experimental raw material
Objectives and content
The competitive position of coated wood for outdoor use
is considerably reduced by the high maintenance costs due
to repainting every 3-4 years, in particular for semitransparent coatings. This has lead to an increasing
competition by plastic and metal (aluminium) which means
a serious treat for the market position of both
manufacturers of wooden window, doors etc. and the
producers of wood-coatings since plastic and metal are
normally not coated.
The objective of this research project is to develop a
whole new generation of wood coatings based on physical
adhesion with the wood. Therefore the wood-coating
interface is very sensitive to degradation by UV-light
and moisture which can be prevented by providing a
chemical cross-linking between both materials. That such
a technology is now considered feasible is due to recent
findings in the field of through and through chemical
wood modification, however a surface modification with a
coating is however much easier to perform and less
The research work will consist of selection and synthesis
of polymers with the capacity to cross-link with the
hydroxyl groups in the lignin and cellulose part of the
wood. Additional protection against UV-light will be
provided by UV-absorbers grafted to the polymer and/or
the wood. Formulation of industrially applicable
coatings and the optimisation of application and crosslinking (curing) conditions are also part of the work
just as testing the final performance against outdoor
weathering of the newly developed wood coating in North
and South European climates and a final demonstration on
small industrial scale. The consortium covers the whole
industrial chain involved like raw materials supplier
coating manufacturer and the users of coatings on wood
(mainly SMEs). Research and testing institutes supports
the development with knowledge on wood chemistry and
performance testing.
The outcome of the project will be a new type of
technology to formulate and applicate coatings for
protection of wood, which will be maintenance-free for
more then 8 years. This will reduce life-cyclecosts of
wooden structures by 30 to 50%. Expected increase in
market share for wood coatings is 20-30% on a total
European market volume of 1066 million ECU/year. From
estimated benefits it can be calculated that 1 ECU of R&D
costs in this project will generate 18-40 ECU profits in
five years in reduction of maintenance costs, increased
sales of wooden building materials of higher added values
of coatings. Expected time to market for commercial
products will be2-3 years after completion on the project
(medium term research). All coatings to be developed
will contain no or very small amounts of Volatile Organic
Compounds and should not be dangerous to human in order
to reduce the environmental impact and meet existing or
future legislation in the areas. Additional
environmental benefits are reductions of paint-materials
in maintenance and increased use of wood as a renewable,
CO2-neutral material.


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