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High temperature inks and a computerised, reliable, printing system for marking and decoration of products and semi-finished products


New high temperature resistant inks with heat resistant binders in combination with inorganic pigments have been shown to print reliably in the prototype INCOREDEC inkjet printer. The heat resistant binder chemistries have included purely organic polymers, organic-inorganic hybrid materials such as silicone polymers and new inorganic binders derived from sol-gel chemistry. Conventional inorganic pigments from Dmc² have been used in the inks, their colloidal stability in the different low viscosity ink systems has been studied by Bristol University. Sol-gel chemistry from ICMM has been used to synthesise new ink binders. The printability of these new inks has been studied by Coates and Wiedenbach. Their end-use properties have been investigated by Philips, Corus and Saint Gobain. A prototype inkjet printing process has been developed for application at Philips, Saint Gobain and Corus. The reliability of this process was demonstrated at the Final INCOREDEC Meeting in September 2001. A robot-mounted spray gun printing process is being applied at Corus, again the new ink has been shown to print reliably in this set-up over short periods.