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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development of a multi-functional fatliquor for leather on the basis of reactive fat polymers


Objectives and content
The procedure of leather making is an extremely complex
The very diverse requirements for leather (upholstery
leather, clothing leather, automobile leather, shoe upper
leather) have led to the development of a large variety
of different leather chemicals. In order to decrease
costs, the leather industry requests to reduce use of
chemicals as well as to reduce environmental pollution.
Many properties of leather are dominated by the fatliquor
(for example softness, resistance, wearing properties).
Fatliquoring is a process whereby oil, in the form of an
emulsion is applied to the leather.
The aim of this project is therefore to develop a
multifunctional fatliquor on the basis of new reactive
fatty polymers and new types of splittable emulsifiers.
Advantages of this new fatliquor are as follows:
suited for multi-purpose use, therefore reduction in
use of chemicals, especially chrome,
improved leather properties (particularly regarding
longevity and durability)
reduction of waste water pollution and positive
influence on biodegradability of waste water
the new fatliquor is based on natural raw materials.
The aim shall be reached through the following phases:
synthesis of new fatliquors and emulsifiers,
functional tests on leather,
analysis and evaluation,
optimisation of substances, formulations, and working
pilot plant tests and first samples of new fats.

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