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High quality plastic materials from electronic wastes by use of combined identification methods and new handling technologies


It is the objective of the project to develop a new recycling concept leading to high quality plastic materials. The pursued concept is based on the combination of different identification methods and improvement of considerable available handling technologies. The objectives comprise in more detail: - combination of three different measurement methods to one new identification tool applicable in industrial harsh environments - compilation of a reference material collection and database for identification purposes- improvement of considerably available handling techniques with respect to new identification tool-build-up of a prototype identification line including the new developments -quality recycling demonstration including quality control of recycled material The results will be a model process for recycling of post-consumer plastic parts from electric and electronic industry with a through-put of at least 1 part per second. This process is based on three measurement method (laser pulse thermography, mid-infrared spectroscopy, and laser induced plasma spectroscopy) to identify matrix material as well as flame retardants and heavy metals. A reference material collection has to be erected due to the fact, that all kinds of polymers used in electric and electronic industry should be identified. This collection will be of special value also for future developments. Handling techniques should be based on traditional conveyor belt technology, but improved due to the special requirements of the new identification method (e.g. surface cleaning). Prototype identification line will be tested and demonstrate the feasibility of the envisaged recycling concept including quality testing of resulting materials. The project aims at a new identification concept capable to meet future ecologic and economic recycling requirements. Although a prototype will be build up exploitation and concrete application will need further development after project end. But it can be expected that a marketable process will be available 2 years after this project.

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