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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Advanced burner design methodology for efficient and clean gas fired commercial and industrial boilers


Industrial and commercial boilers in use in the EU consume a vast amount of gas, but despite this equipment manufacturers have yet to be provided with adequate engineering design tools for them to develop and operate these boilers free of problems. A major and commonly found problem is the mismatching of burners to boilers, giving rise to interference of the flame with the fire tube enclosure, resulting in losses in operating efficiency, increased of emission levels and occasional damage to the boiler itself. This research aims to produce two burner design tools to improve the burner/boiler design and operation: First, a set of burner design guidelines for practical design work and second, a set of numerical models for detailed precision design. It is expected that these design tools will help to overcome this major industrial problem and transform the burner/boiler industry to become a high technology based industry.These deliverables will be derived from intensive applied research into burner scaling methods and the simulation of industrial turbulent diffusion flames. The work will combine the theoretical development of turbulence and combustion models with detailed in-flame measurements in research burners and in industrial boilers. Parametric studies by mathematical modelling coupled with burner sensitivity tests on the research burners will be used to characterise the highly confined burner flames and their interaction with the enclosures (the fire tubes).This research is in support of the BriteEuram Workprogramme area 2.2 (New technology for production design and manufacture) by developing an easy to use design tool and modelling method as an alternative to the current industry practice which uses expensive and time consuming physical prototyping and a laboratory trial-and-error testing approach (2.2.2.M 2.2.4.M and 2.2.2.S).

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