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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development of a high speed online inspection system with novel electro-optical deflection


The performance of the existing laser scanning inspection systems is largely li mited by the low scanning speeds and low robustness of the mechanical scanners. The faster acousto-optical scanners need large efforts in high frequency elect ronics for ultrasound generation and are therefore expensive. A new high speed dimensional online inspection system will be developed, including a novel soli d-state electro-optical scanner. This microsystem for deflection of the laser b eam will consist of an electro-optical crystal with prism arrays of alternating C-axis produced by deep domain inversion technology. Small dimensions of the s canner, no thermal stabilization and no movable parts will lead to high speed, robustness and low price. By applying laser time-of-scan triangulation techniq ues and developing high speed dataprocessing for dimensional measurements a sta ndardized, general purpose, demonstrator will be build. Field tests in two diff erent applications, thickness variations on metal sheets with 40 m accuracy pr oduced with speeds of 100 m/min in an aluminium foundry and defect recognition down to 50 m on sealing surfaces of parts produced by metal sintering as fast as 1 piece/sec will be performed. Two end-users with different industrial appl ications, four developers of the system components, detector, electronics, hard - and software and two research organizations for the electro-optical scanner d evelopment and system engineering form a well balanced consortium of interdisci plinary specialists. Exploitation potential is seen in industrial applications like automatic inspection, optical scanning like bar code reading and writing, defect recognition in electronics chip industry and laser TV.

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