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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Nde and life assessment of reformer tubes


Reformer units are critical to many processes in refining and chemical plants, being used in the production of syngas, ammonia, methanol, acetic acid and vari ous other chemicals. Due to the complexity factors influencing the life of refo rmer tubes. Due to the series of factors affecting the reformer tubes, present life prediction models are very limited and provide very conservative estimatio n. Equally, current inspection systems are not able to detect and quantify reli ably the present damage in the tubes. Reformer Tube End-users have a strong nee d of tools for reliable inspection and realistic life prediction. Therefore th e objectives of the project are: - To develop a new ultrasonic inspection syst em for assessment and monitoring of pre-crack microstructural damage, - To dev elop and implement a Knowledge-Based System (KBS) a quantitative model relating the remanent life of reformer tubes to their material and mechanical state. - To generate and implement in a KBS guidelines for assessment of reformer tubes inspection and remanent life time. The inspection techniques to be developed be based on multi-interogation approach using sensors with different characteri stics and measurements of the relevant parameter responses. The quantitative m odel to be developed will be based on a creep life consumption algorithm, valid ated by critical experimentation. The consortium comprises a manufacturer of re former tubes (Manoir), a reformer tubes end-user (Air Liquide), two specialised research organisations on materials and life assessment (ERA Technology and IS Q), and a user of inspection equipment and inspection services provider (MT Int egridade), and an inspection system developer and inspection service supplier ( Tecnatom).

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