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Sliding Bearing Materials made from Monotectic Alloys


It is proposed to create a research network for the investigation of monotectic alloys and their application as advanced sliding bearing materials. The miscibility gap in the liquid state of monotectic systems leads to the separation of the melt in two liquids of different composition. A dispersion of the liquids leading to materials consisting of a matrix with a homogeneous distribution of a second phase would open a broad variety of applications. Most promising applications are advanced materials for sliding bearings suspending all movable parts in e.g. car engines like camshaft and piston bolt. The results on tribological behaviour and fatigue strength of aluminium based monotectic alloys achieved so far make them to potential candidates for bearing materials to meet the increased property requirements of automobile engines. The research activities in the network envisaged are the investigation of decomposition and solidification behaviour and production routes of advanced bearing materials from monotectic Al alloys as well as fabrication procedures of sliding bearings. The exploratory work for the network will be carried out by interrelated and iterative efforts like the identification and acquisition of new participants by the analysis of current activities, procurement and dissemination of information and the preparation of a provisional work plan for the Implementation Phase demonstrating the competence and the willingness of the partners. Finally a meeting with promising candidates will be organised. It is intended to establish a consortium comprising research centres and university institutes for basic materials science, basic process investigations and fundamental materials characterisation, companies for the development of casting, forming and fabrication processes and partners from user industries dealing with application oriented Characterisation.

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