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Network on thermal barrier coatings


Given the constant drives to improve component efficiencies, to reduce fuel usage and to lessen the environmental impact, thermal barrier coatings have become increasingly important to a wide range of industrial sectors associated with advanced transport and advanced power generation. This lead to a recent increase in research and development activities, in particular in Europe, associated with TBC use in turbines and diesel engines. It is to be reckoned though that in front of this complex and multidisciplinary problem, the approaches from the industry-supported-side, have been largely empirical in nature and application specHic. Moreover scientific knowledge on most important issues is still incomplete and when it exists, not always accessible to industry. A need therefore exists, and this proposed network aims at fulfilling it:
- to assess the state of TBC knowledge, addressing the diverse aspects (physical, mechanical and chemical properties, failure mechanisms, lifing etc) and identify critical gaps that hinder use in advanced applications,
- to provide a forum for exchanging scientific and technological information derived from on-going research projects,
- to promote cooperative scientific and technological research, in particular through staff and student placements in members laboratories. The specific goals of this exploratory phase will be:
- to establish a database of on-going research through contacts with project coordinators
- to build up a network of national coordinators.
- to establish a memorandum of understanding defining the conditions for collaboration within the network and have it accepted by a minimum number of participants
- to propose a work package outlining the technical programme including workshops, staff mobility, student placement during the implementation phase.


MK43 0AL Cranfield,bedford
United Kingdom