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Network for the improvement of concrete construction


This submission outlines a proposal to bring together in a Network for the Improvement of Concrete Construction researchers from industry and universities/research houses to cooperate on industrially relevant research they are carrying out separately on the building material concrete. By doing so it is expected to improve the efficiency of the resources involved and to improve the awareness of and the use of concrete as a quality building material. The research field is immense and yet there are broad bands of overlap where basic concepts are involved. Whilst a concrete is tailored to its end use each of its properties is a variable and can be researched in depth. This means that there is an enormous potential for sharing of information and know-how. The aim is to establish a broad network and it will be an essential part of the exploratory phase to critically examine and evaluate the scope and subject matter of the proposed network so that the implementation phase will provide a network which will take account of the needs of, and provide a service to the concrete construction industry.


18-21,Stephen Green 18-21 Stephen Green
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