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Noise control materials



The objective of NOCOMAT Thematic Network is to organise
cooperation between professional partners (from academic to
end-users) in the field of Noise Control Materials.
Much research work has been done over the last two decades to model and predict noise generation in all industrial
sectorsmost funded by the EU Programmes.
At the same time, very little has been undertaken to improve the understanding of fibrous/porous viscoelastic materials used to Reduce Noise. The same is true for specific materials
characterisation, instrumentation and improved end users
The Network groups eighteen partners covering all major aspects of a more efficiently operative noise control materials related industries, not involved in EU Programmes.
They will put their expertise to improve the state of the art, better understand their market and share ongoing research
programmes and contribute promoting training and technology
The European Materials industry shall benefit as a whole from the various coordinating activities planed by the NOCOMAT
Network for the next three years.


The partnership has been selected from a broad list of
potentially interested partners, on the basis of actual
capability for the required level of involvement and a
complementarity in the various objectives of the Network from the scientific and the industrial application point of view. The main industrial manufacturers are located in some of the Member States and their basic products are being used and
transformed by a large number of SME's, in all Member States, specializing in specific technologies and special applications. NOCOMAT has a true European dimension objective and the
benefits will be shared by industry from all Member States. The various activities included in the programme will help towards diffusion of know how, technologies and lead to standardisation in characterisation techniques and in user-suppliers relations. The Thematic Network will encourage the definition of the most innovative technologies from the originating State to the rest of the Union. Results from national programmes results will be linked with other local initiatives to guarantee the best
possible coverage, in particular in exploitation and market


The main reason to operate a network for Noise Control
Materials is the truly multisectorial aspect of the work to be done in Noise Control issues. Acoustics is a multidisciplinary topic covering a wide range of scientific expertise and linked with all aspects of the industrial activity through a complete range of complementary disciplines. Hopefully a part of the noise control materials technologies will include civil
applications of techniques with a proven efficiency record in the defence/military world. This will require a new
cooperation between operators (scientific and industrial) to achieve the necessary changes in production and costs

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