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Intelligent Devices for the On-Line and Real-Time Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control of Maching Processes



A significant progress in improving and optimising machining processes generally can be achieved by the implementation of on-line and real-time monitoring, diagnosis and control devices measuring and processing signals acquired from one or
simultaneously from several sources of the machining process. Monitoring and in particular diagnosis devices have been
developed and are already available since numerous years, but they are still not widely spread in industry yet. The main
problems up to now are the difficult handling as well as the limited functionality and reliability of the devices, in
particular when they face rapidly changing production
conditions and small size production. Therefore their
acceptance by the end-users generally is low.
The recent achievements in sensor technologies, in signal and data processing methods and circuits as well as in Microsystems technologies for miniaturisation and system integration are a valuable technical basis for new approaches. On the other hand new kind of processes, as e.g. dry cutting, high speed
machining, require highly sophisticated process monitoring for developing the full range of their potential.
This thematic network on 'Intelligent Devices for the On-Line and Real-Time Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control of Machining Processes' (IDMAP) will connect scientists in the field of
machining processes, machine tool builders and tool
manufacturers, experts in signal processing, developers of
monitoring devices and sensors as well as end-users from the metal-cutting industry.
By promoting the dialogue and the information and personnel
exchange between technology suppliers and industrial users and by co-ordinating related co-operative RTD-projects of the
partners the network will contribute to broaden the scope of existing national and international RTD activities, to
strengthen their industrial orientation and to promote the
progress in horizontal matters, which are of interest in
particular to the industry. It also aims at generating future application oriented RTD-projects with participation at
European level. Technically the network activities cover the improvement of sensing and monitoring as well as the field of knowledge-based diagnosis and new approaches of automatic
process control for improving the quality of the machining
processes. Aware of industrial requirements, the network will especially look at the economical and reliability aspects of the new developments. Regarding the machining processes it
will focus on cutting processes with defined cutting edges
(e.g. turning, milling, drilling).


IDMAP will bring together researchers and engineers from
industrial companies and research organisations working on
machining processes, signal processing, monitoring and
diagnosis as well as developing monitoring systems or making use of them in the metal cutting industry. The partners are from numerous European countries and most of them have been
recently involved in co-operative, industry-oriented R&D
projects on national or EU level. The participants have
reasonable technical knowledge and experiences in the field of IDMAP in R&D as well as in industrial utilisation of new
IDMAP will contribute to establishing new scientific and
business relationships between the European 'major actors' in the field of process monitoring. This will strengthen surely the competitiveness in European automation and machine tool
Twenty six enterprises and twenty three universities, research institutes and others from ten European Countries and Israel will be involved.


All industrial partners of IDMAP are open for considering a
participation in related co-operative RTD projects as they are already involved in actual national and international projects. Collection and documentation of their experiences will be a
benefit for all IDMAP participants since they are excellent
means of identifying new research topics by comparing
individual goals with current deficits and the state of the art in the field of monitoring.
The initial investigation work of IDMAP has revealed a lack of methods for the measurement and comparison of system
performance and reliability of monitoring systems. This is of an extremely high relevance for industrial corporations in all fields involved in process monitoring. IDMAP will focus on the support of the development of such tools for performance tests of monitoring devices.
When established the proposed network will initiate and coordinate related RTD projects as they will be defined by the partners in the network and hereby help to provide specific
technical solutions for the actual problems in the area of
monitoring, diagnosis and control of machine tools. On a longterm basis it will support strategic research efforts in order to bring viable solutions also to other parts of the machine tool industry and, if feasible, to other technical domains.
The network aimed at helping this sector of the European
industry to achieve or retain global competitiveness by cutting costs, increasing product and process quality and providing
flexibility at the same time.

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