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Content archived on 2024-06-12

A network on process safety


The newsletter was monthly distributed to more than 530 addresses. The web-site has about 4000 users per month and the download volume of published documents is about 800 MB per month. Different other EC-projects using the network for the dissemination of their results.
In the field of process safety the European Union can build on a strong tradition in research and technological development. In this tradition a lot of research projects are funded either by the Commission in different research programmes like Brite/Euram, Measurement & Testing and Environment or by national research programmes. The focus of the R&D is to improve safety and reduce accident risks, by ensuring a safe operation of process plants or production facilities. Resulting from this research the European level on the state of the art is very high. For example the participating organisations in this proposal have carried and still are carrying out more than 150 research projects in the field of process safety.

The tasks as identified in the workplan are designed to fulfil the following explicit objectives:
- Transfer of results of European research on process safety to the relevant industrial community, especially to small and medium-size enterprises, in order to reduce the time between development of technologies and the practical and commercial implementation;
- Exchange of experiences and methodologies related to process safety between different types of industry;
- Demonstration of the application of results of research and scientific expertise on industry's individual needs and removing barriers for access to research and test facilities. The focus of the network will be on safe operations for product plants and production facilities in relation on hazard identification and accident prevention. The network shall be established in all countries of the EU. The participants are from industry (manufacturers and users), research organisations and authorities. The structure of the network will consist of the co-ordinator who is also a national focal point and is working together with thirteen other national focal points. Each national focal point represents the sub co-ordinator for the additional national participants. The national participants have been selected in such a way that they can effectively contribute to the success of the network. 04

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