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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Microencapsulation for low cost, high volume, pharmaceutical applications


The project set out to produce a guidance manual containing all the experimental microencapsulation Work carried out by the partners. This was completed successfully and is fully accessible on a ftp site: A network web site was also created and contains such information as: partners web site links, events, contacts, and a members section which is accessible by means of password only.
Microencapsulation is of interest to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical. cosmetic, food, chemicals and printing. This network will provide a focus for research into microencapsulation in the EU. There are three main issues which the network will address: * the high cost of microencapsulation which limits its use for many applications; * the confusing number of microencapsulation techniques; * the need for more environmentally friendly microencapsulation. The network will therefore evaluate low cost and solvent free microencapsulation techniques, and will provide a guidance manual for EU industry to indicate which technique is most suitable for particular applications. For additional focus, most of the work of the network will have a pharmaceutical/healthcare orientation. This is also because companies in this sector are more likely to cooperate in a network. However, as the same microencapsulation techniques are used in many industries, the results of the network will be of immediate multi-sector use. The network comprises 30 members which have been organised into four clusters grouping members with similar interests. The profile of the network membership by type is as follows; SMEs : 15. Large industrial companies : 3. RTOs : 6. Universities : 6. The network includes SMEs specializing in microencapsulation and related technologies, materials suppliers, large and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, and universities or research organisations with interests in microencapsulation, pharmacy and pharmacology. There are also several members interested in applying microencapsulation outside the pharmaceuticals sector. There is representation in the network from nine EU member states with a good balance of responsibility and input to the network from each nation. The network is therefore considered to be well balanced, multidisciplinary and complementary in nature. Microencapsulation holds great promise for increased product value and effectiveness, particularly within the pharmaceutical field but also in other industries. This network will aid its exploitation and speed benefits worth up to 600 MECU to the EU economy over the long term.

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