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Laser surface treatment for extended lifetime of parts for combustion engines, tools for sheetmetal working and small machine parts


The aim of this project is to develop a production technology employing Laser alloying and Laser cladding for achieving extended lifetime of machine parts, tools for sheetmetal working and parts for combustion engines. Machine parts and tools that are subjected to cyclic mechanical and/or thermal loads and that are operated under corrosive, erosive and/or aggressive conditions exhibit a restricted lifetime. These operational conditions cause wear and corrosion attack and lead to direct costs for instance for repair and to indirect costs for instance by stagnation of production. For some of these parts and tools Laser surface treatment is the best way to a higher productivity. Laser surface treatment of critical sites of components gives specific surface properties witllout distortion of adjacent material. Laser hardening and remelting are common treatments, whereas Laser alloying and Laser cladding are relatively new possibilities. Basic research has given an indication about the technological possibilities of these surface treatments. However, additional research and development is necessary before this new production tool can be used in practice, especially in small enterprises. Particularly an investigation of the combination of Laser beam conditions, surface conditions of the workpiece and clad material must lead to a method of surface treatment of high reliability and products with a large lifetime. Subsequently further development and exploitation can be done by the participating small enterprises themselves. The advantage for the participating companies is that as a result of this project they get entrance to Laser technology that can be performed by industrial suppliers. Since Laser technology is a new technology the industrial Laser treatment companies are almost entirely small enterprises. The economical feasibility of these new Laser surface treatments will also be investigated in this project.

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