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Novel High Temperature Fluoroplastic Composite Lining Material


A large number of varied industrial production processes currently rely on thermally processed fluoroplastic lined containers and pipework to resist corrosion of metallic surfaces. Unfortunately present technology is limited to a maximum operating temperature of 100-120 °C for reasonable lifetime of use. This restriction on operating temperature leads to the chemical industry, in particular, employing high cost non corrosive alloys ( Incalloy, Hastalloy etc. ) or pure titanium in production plant construction. It is the purpose of this proposed project to develop a composite technique for a high temperature stabilised lining material based on the incorporation of high strength materials, ( polyaramid, carbon fibres, glass wool and metals) into a laminated structure of fluoroplastics. These materials will increase the safe maximum operating temperature to in excess of 200 °C and significantly extend the application of fluoroplastic linings throughout the process industries; with major cost and maintenance benefits.


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