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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Cost Effective Manufacturing Of TiNi Shape Memory Alloys For Medical And Engineering Applications


It is well known that certain copper based alloys and TiNi alloys exhibit shape memory effects and pseudo(super) elastic properties. Both these effects could be used advantageously in various bio(medical) and engineering applications. Due to a lack of bio-compatibility copper based alloys are not used in biomedical applications. Also, their properties are limited. TiNi alloys can meet the demands of a wide range of applications. Despite this, the real use is severely hampered due to high manufacturing added cost. There is a good market potential for tubes, rings and capillaries. However, the manufacturing by extrusion or drawing faces many practical problems. This research proposal aims at cost effective manufacturing of these half products, through trials on forming with superimposed ultrasonic vibrations. The outcome of this research will enhance the potential of applications of this material in different industrial sectors.

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