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Automated quality control system for end products in a textile industry


The proposed system is designed to: check and identify the end products, (application in a textile industry), comparing the under control product with an ideal one, (the characteristics of which will be recorded to the memory of the computer), and, reject the inappropriate products. The system will consist of an image processing system, to check individually each product, and a system that will reject inappropriate products, indicating the failure points According to the defect point, the product will be placed to the corresponding production stage. The innovation proposed, will be based on modern checking colour-tracing developments, like for example high resolution cameras In addition it is planned to be investigated faster and more reliable systems (by means of high capacity computers on the memory of which will be recorded the data of the ideal product and the data of the product under control), as well as newly developed quick algorithms for image processing The implementation of the proposed system, can lead to optimisation of quality control and productivity, as on the other hand to elimination of the human fatigue factor.


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