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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Mise au point d'une centrifugueuse équipée d'un capteur de clarté pour le traitement des résisus liquides


The quantity of liquid waste to process is constantly increasing today. After having separated solid and liquid phases by centrifugation, solid waste are spread in the open fields. This too polluting solution is more and more substituted for incineration or tipping operations. The aim of this programme is to develop a new high performance centrifugator. The output increase of the plant will enable to lower the quantity of liquid to process and therefore to reduce enrgy consumption during the incineration operation or later when putting in a rubbish dump. Thc rotationnal speed should be increased also, while keeping a good safety level and a precise value of the couple exerted on processed waste. The innovative feature should consist of the following points:
- design of a clarity sensor This need has never been met, up to now because of dirty marks problems, unrelevant information concerning thc on-line specifications of waste.
- design of a new type of regulation These new developments should be for interest for separation equipment manufacturers, which are the first potentiel direct users. Regarding the end users, who include the separation process in their manufacturing they will be able to embed the new system in purification operations. The urban mud processing industry is already interested in this programme as well as the food industry (dairy, canning, abattoirs, distilleries, wineries, breweries ...) the breeding industry and any industry which produces polluting liquid waste.

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