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Innovative Products for the Restoration of Buildings Affected by Rising Damp


The development of innovative products with complex polymeric bases, obtained through the processing of special organic compounds, is planned. They will be used as durable hydrophobising agents, even with a basic pH, in the building materials field, where said materials are already in use and, in particular, in the restoration of buildings affected by rising damp. The aim of the project is to develop new chemical products in the laboratory, which are suitable, even when combined with each other, for penetrating damp brickwork to a depth ofat least 5 cm and, after their catalysation, stopping water from passing. In particular, a chemical barrier is to be formed that will prevent water rising from the subsoil through capillarity. This must be done without endangering the static nature of the buildings treated for damp elimination. So, in order to be able to improve the migration of hydrophobising materials, the prototype of special electronic equipment will be possible to apply the technology to buildings of particular artistic or historical interest. The aim of the research is to come up with innovative technology consisting of effective products and machines suitable application. An innovation will be confirmed when there is an at least 30% positive increase in the soakage of building materials tested in the laboratory compared with the materials that have not been treated, as result of the new products.

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