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Development of CAE calculation methods and a concept for concurrent product development of injection moulded plastic components


Injection moulded plastic components are in a increasing degree part of product development in nearly all lines of business. The undersigned injection moulders wish as soon as possible to improve our competitive power by developing a new concept for product development. This will be achieved by carrying out this proposed project. Today most product developments give us surprises caused by the difficulty in handling all the parameters and their complexity. The mistakes discovered after hard tooling and running-in are especially noticeable. There are approximately 15 categories of such mistakes, and they are unfortunately made again and again! The consequences of this are: a delayed release of product to the market, a poorer product quality, and larger part costs. These problems however represent new possibilities, if we can develop the necessary tools in cooperation with RTD-performers, in order to avoid these surprises. The goal of this project is to develop such tools, consisting of CAE calculation methods and a concept for concurrent product development. The project will have 8-12 SME participants in order to cover the field of the injection moulding process. Each partner will carry out at least one new product development in the project period and hereby contribute to the development and test of a new concept for product development. The following will be carried out at each participating SME during the project period:
- test of the potential for reducing product development time; obtaining specified quality without large corrections; and reduction of part costs,
- description of existing methods and ways of organising the development,
- measurement of the result of the product development,
- report of the measurements and of gained experience. As a parallel activity during the project period, a search for relevant literature will take place, and methods and calculation tools, for which a need arises, will be developed. Furthermore, seminars for the staff from all the SME's will be arranged. The goal is a "Project manual for product development of injection moulded parts in parallel and interactive tasks". Such a manual will contain structures for decision and methods for the solution of all partial tasks.

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