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Cutting and Scalloping of fine Textiles by Technological Innovative Laser Application


The objectives of the project are to improve productivity, quality and flexibility of traditional cutting and scalloping processes by means of laser technology with a movable laserbeam steered by structures in a fabric, contrary to multilayer cutting of textiles steered by a pre-programmed CAD/CAM path. To reach the industrial objectives, three applications for cutting of endless rolls will be performed. Firstly, splitting into individual repeats, secondly, two-sided scalloping and thirdly, crosswise splitting. The technical objectives are to develop control systems and robotics to convey a laser beam which perform cutting along the actual pattern or structure in the fabric. Observations from a vision system will determine the actions of the movable laser beam. Additional objectives are quality assurance related to improved production efficiency and training of manpower.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Scanlace A/S
8800 Viborg