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Development of a new kind of low cost polymer sensor for the environmental analysis


The aim of the project is to develop of a new kind of a low cost polymer gas sensor as a prototype for flexible environmental analysis. The main technical and economical aims are: 80% reduction of price, quick time responses, flexibility, sensitivity. The steps for the development are the following ones: The optimization of polymer - layersystems for the selective absorption of hydrocarbon and nitric oxyde- molecules for the application in chemical polymer - sensor - systems. The further development of sensorarrays and the creation of a " fuzzy logic" for " intelligent" sensor - systems for various and flexible application in environmental gas - monitoring ( especially heptane, octane, hexane, alcohol, terachlorethylene). The development of a sensorapparatus as a prototype with technical and economical advantages against usual systems: Higher selectivity, higher sensitivity, and quicker time - responses to poisonous gases, as well as easier adaption to various applications at very low costs of the hole system for the use in industry ( hydrocarbons ), and for controlling the air pollution at petrol - stations, labs, refineries, refuse dumps, chemical cleaning units... The research project initiated by SMEs of Europe, will enable a lot of companies in Europe to have access to low cost devices for environmental monitoring. The world market in different branches ( for instance industry sectors dealing with hydrocarbons, controlling of air pollution, chemical cleaning units, petrol stations, controlling of alcohol concentrations, labs, refuse dumps, refineries, cooling installations, groundwater renewing units...) is very high and estimated at about 400000 sensors per year. It will bring a competitive advantage for the European industry in a field with a huge potential. At the end of this research first tests with a prototype - sensor - system are planed for the use in smoke gas analysing and leakage - proofing systems as two of the possible many folded application areas.

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