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Automatic geometrization of hides and in-process positioning optimization


The tanning industry is facing several important constraints: - to improve the yield of the raw material which account for 55-60% of the finished leather production cost. - to ensure a drastic control in waste management and this especially from the wet-glue tanned stage onwards (waste containing chromium and other chemicals), - to improve the productivity allowing a minimization of the labour cost using through feed machines. A new methodology is the right answer to these constraints: THE EARLY GEOMETRIZATION OF HIDES With an early geometrization during the leather processing the waste produced will be free of any potentially toxic chemicals and more easily reuse or recycled. A scientifical approach using algorithms and including the edge contour of the hide together with the end use of the material, will allow the total mass balance optimization (TMB) (ratio solid wastes produced by the tanner and the leather users versus raw hide weight through the Leather "Filiere".) The waste management will be greatly simplified with restricted range of waste categories collected in bigger volumes. On an other hand, a geometric shape material will be easiest to handle and the automation of the process with through feed machine more effective. The tanning industry urgently requires the development of an equipment allowing geometrization at the earliest possible stage.

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