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Modular Benchmarking Concept for Small and Medium Companies


Benchmarking describes the continuing measuring and comparing of the own organisation with exemplary organisations of other companies. It gives target values for the permanent improvement process. Users of this method are e.g. mainly big entrepreneurs like IBM or Ford. SMEs seldom take part in benchmarking transfers because of numerous hurdles. This has the following reasons: at the moment, there is no method to achieve equal measuring conditions for benchmarking reference numbers without an enormous effort so far an intensive examination of the company conditions of the benchmarking partners is necessary to know what is compared action instructions are missing to make it possible for SMEs to participate in benchmarking without a great and the daily affairs influencing effort Within the research project, benchmarking shall be made usable for SMEs as it follows: . modular identification of company`s processes in SMEs where the biggest improvement potentials are suspected (e.g. for the module logistics, order completion and maintenance) identification of measurable quantities (benchmarking reference numbers) for assessing the processes within the individual module . development of determination and estimation methods for benchmarks standardization of measure conditions and methods erection of action instructions for the usage of benchmarking in SMEs implementation of benchmarking pilot schemes in the partner companies building of a Europe wide benchmarking infra structure

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