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New packing and insulating materials from waste and rejected products


The project aims to develop new rigid, semirigid and elastic packing and insulating materials suitable to substitute traditional petrol base materials by recycling, by means of physical/mechanical treatment, waste plastic and rubber end-life products coming from different industrial processes (such as the automotive industry or the shoe industry). The final result, will eventually consist in:
- Substitution of actually used products with others coming from wastes of products made of petrol or of other natural resources with strong impact on pollution reduction;
- Reduction of landfill disposal of wastes;
- Reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact (gas, CFC etc.)
- Reduction of the overall costs of transport, by using packagings with better properties (reduced volume); reduction of damages (thus, reduced number of scrap products), overall increase in efficiency. Initial experience made on some kinds of end-life products showed the efficiency of such materials with regard to the packing properties (mechanical resistance) but also to the insulating (thermal and acoustic) characteristics. Further researches and developments are envisaged to improve these promising characteristics and to extend the recycling process, by using new kind of wastes and producing new materials and products for different sectors of application

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